Have you ever heard of the word "nibling?" If not, this website will introduce you to this semi-new word that is now being used by people worldwide.

Nibling is a gender-neutral and collective term for "nieces and nephews". It was coined by Samuel E. Martin, a linguist, in 1951. It is fairly like sibling, but the latter is for brothers and sisters. Nibling is considered as a time and space saver when it comes to talking and typing. Instead of using the whole "nieces and nephews" phrase, one could just use the word "niblings" to describe such family members.

The word "nibling" has gained little popularity, but for a group of Somerset students, it is imperative to have the word in the Oxford English Dictionary. That is why in 2004, these children have launched a campaign to include nibling in the dictionary. In addition, nibling has many variations as well. Niefling, niephling and niebling are some of the words associated with nibling.